Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reviews in Queue

Just about every woman in the world has been 'turned on' to the Shades collection.  I am planning to break these down book by book as I have read them all and while I found them 'entertaining' <ahem> I also found distinct writing flaws.  More to come shortly on that.

I've also just downloaded 'Girl Gone' by Gillian Flynn and 'The Art of Fielding' by Chad Harbach, both recommendations by other avid readers who I respect immensely but don't always agree with.  We'll see.  

In the mean time if you have a recommendation or have read something you would like to voice your opinion on, you are welcome to share here.  

While you wait for the next review, let's get a discussion going . . .what was your best book turned movie adaptation and why?

I have several, The Help is definitely a top 10.  I rarely go to the movies, usually wait for the DVD and sometimes even at that I don't bother because the book is always so much better.  Plus I hate movie theaters, I find them dirty and disgusting - I have issues.  However, in the case of The Help I actually saw the movie and had not read the book.  I know, backwards - it's just how things worked out.  I immediately read the book after seeing the movie and it read like stereo to me.  Who can forget the famous line "Eat my shit"?  As I read it I can see Octavia Spencer on the big screen saying it in her way that she does - it's no wonder she won the Oscar.  Kudos to Denis Villeneuve!  Do you agree?

Another fantastic example, in my opinion, was Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.  Completely drawn into the movie and the book!  Absolutely one of my all time favorites.  But what else would you expect from Martin Scorsese the man is genius.  If you didn't read the book it is highly recommended and if you haven't seen the movie then get to it - both worth the time.

So blog people, tell me your favorites. . .if you don't know how this works, having a discussion, just leave a comment below - it's that easy, unless of course you have nothing to say because you don't read or see movies in which case I would say, you're reading this so. . . .

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