Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is she for Real? Jenny Lawson: Misfit Blogger/Author

Everyone thinks they have a story to tell, that their life has been so mangled they must write it all down and share the tragedies with others.  If this rings true with you then read this and rethink it because this chick is straight up bat shit crazy (no I am not talking about myself).  I am referring to Jenny Lawson and her memoirs 'Let's Pretend This Never Happened'.  Jenny admittedly describes her crazy as 'generalized anxiety disorder' however (and no I'm not certified so it's just my opinion) I would diagnose her as a bi-polar, manic depressive with severe social & generalized anxiety disorder and a side of ADD.  Yup, that about sums this chick up.  You really need to pay attention or you will be completely lost in all her ramblings as she tries to tell her story. 

There is more than a little that never happened going on as you read through chapters of cow vagina, hairless rats and stabbed by chicken, these are just the titles but trust me they are named appropriately!  And seriously this shit has got to be made up.  First of all no one is that crazy and gets paid to write about it.  Secondly, Texas is not a third world country like she (Jenny) may lead you to believe with it's AG barn for a school, tractors, wild animals and snakes, boiled skulls, wild quail (turkeys) and a pug named Barnaby Jones Pickles that tries to kill her with chicken.  The story (aka memoir) does not take place in the 1880's either.  No, this can not be real.

Her husband is also not real or he would have likely been jailed by now for trying to murder her.  But apparently he is sympathetic because he knows how crazy she is and maybe he's even a little scared that if he did try to stab her in the face she would end up killing him, plea insanity and he would be dead and she would live on to write about her psychopathic life.  

The stories are insanely crazy just like the author who wrote them and you can totally relate to the conversations in her head (or maybe that's just me) because everyone does that but no one is brave enough to write about it.  As I mentioned, she keeps you on your game with the rambling and sometimes I seriously forgot what the hell she was even talking about and had to check where I was.  Nonetheless it took me less than a day to get through it.

Jenny is an avid blogger and Twitter maniac (@JennyLynnLawson), she has been featured on and you can read about her in the NY Times article (link below).  So technically she must be real along with all the insane shit that has happened to her because everything you read on the internet is real and true.  Right?

Jenny Lawson NY Times Article

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