Friday, June 22, 2012

I Holler for Mickey Haller!

My third book in the Mickey Haller series (Lincoln Lawyer, Brass Verdict, 5th Witness), I've jumped around a bit, but still a fan even though this wasn't my favorite.  The first few pages, chapters even,  made me think I had already read this one.  I had not, it was just so familiar which makes Michael Connelly so consistent in his story telling (repetitive?).  While this one wasn't quite the 'can't put it down' type of read that Lincoln was it has its merits.

You are immediately aware of the unlikable vibe Mickey's client Lisa gives off but you go along with the question of innocence that he begins to give in to.  That's the piece that keeps it interesting, what does Mickey think?  The twists of the case that brought you to the end result were just OK.  I was not caught up in a crescendo the way the prosecution case was described as Mickey brought it to an unceremonious ending in the court room.  Too many loop holes that didn't quite tie together neatly in the writing left me thinking, hung jury?  And maybe that's just it, too much thinking involved.  You had to draw conclusions on your own because they weren't written down.  

Even so I still don't quite understand  why Mickey took a beating in this one.  And the movie deal, just a result of Connelly's prior success or was it part of the contract to work in a movie angle into his next chronicle?  More drama and pointless story line confusion that didn't quite tick and tie for me. 

The same players exist for the most part, again bringing consistency to the Haller series but nothing much has changed making it a bit of a snore in some spots.  For example, his go no where relationship with ex wife Mags.  Nothing about their relationship makes me want to read another one to see how things turn out for these two.  Clearly romance is not Connelly's sweet spot.  And that's OK, he knows what works for him, he adds in the relationship bits to build Mickey's character I get that, but it's boring.

Now, Mickey playing the role of DA instead of the 'don't grow a conscience on me', hard core defense attorney we have come to know and love was a definite curve making you wonder where Connelly is going next.  That was enough for me to pick up the next in the series.

One question for those who read it, do you think part of Matthew Mcconaughey's contract was to get a name drop in print?

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